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Find your group chat here >> start new discussion reply. Or as such movies messing up their minds.

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As for hostel.well that is for the extremist who wants to see how much they can handle.

Movies like the hostel. I watched click bait it's a good gore movie it's the sub titled one i think you guys that like these kinds of movies will like this one varun on october 16, 2019: Blood and screams 29th may 2015. Tarantino had nothing to do with hostel

Hostel is a 2005 american horror film written and directed by eli stars jay hernandez, derek richardson, eyþór guðjónsson, and barbara nedeljáková about a mysterious organization that tortures and kills kidnapped tourists. Green inferno is good one u shuld try out wrong turn series and saw series followed by final destination,hostel,texas chainsaw It’s also somewhat constrained in setting, with much of the plot revolving around the titular hostel and a few places outside of it.

Majority of this movie is plain violence, cruelty and inhumanity, making other torture porn movies like “saw” and “hostel” pale in comparison. It is the first installment of the hostel trilogy, followed by hostel: Yeah, i am not a fan of the “disturbing” ones.

Posted by 6 years ago. Also suggest me more gory movie names. If they can ban a game in uk, they sure as hell can ban gruesome movies.

The fear that what you just saw at the cinema could actually happen to you in real life it’s what hunts our worst. Part ii, the strangers, inside. Part ii, wrong turn, the strangers, the texas chainsaw massacre.

It was produced by eli roth, mike fleiss, and chris briggs. Movies like hostel include martyrs, cabin fever, hostel: With jay hernandez, derek richardson, eythor gudjonsson, barbara nedeljakova.

Hostel (2005) three backpackers head to a slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them. Movies like saw, cube and hostel? Are such sensless torture movies messing up the minds of young americans?

Movies like saw, cube and hostel? Playing off the basic, and somewhat xenophobic, fear of being a stranger in a strange land, the travel horror genre sees tourists routinely stranded, abducted, and simply slaughtered for sick, foreign pleasure! Three backpackers head to a slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.

I my self prefer the saw movies over hostel. 88% of serial killers are male, 85% are caucasian were they born this way? I like suspense and if there is gore i want it to not be realistic…like monsters and such.

Cube (1997) seven strangers are taken out of their daily lives and placed mysteriously in a deadly cube where they all agree they must find their way out. Go to first unread skip to page: I like horror, but not big on the current “gross out” and “torture” trends.

Today i watched final destination 2. Many people love the saw movie not because of the blood and gore, but the suspense and the question of what will happen next. Remember ( chopping away of d*** from hostel 2 ?

It doesnt look like harry potter , matrix like cg movies. I have seen would you rather. If you like hostel you might like similar movies the hills have eyes, hostel:

Hostel pulls no punches as far as the violence is considered; This movie features realistic scenes of torture and general sadism which last a lot longer than you might expect. Sure enough, it’s a very common reaction after seeing movies like hostel:

The is like a giant don't have the full picture until the end. Hostel has a great story, convincing characters and starts off really fun and light. Hence, i would add the following, some are lesser known asian films 1, irreversible 2, men.

Things get incredibly week within first 30 minutes, then it turns cruel, to disgusting, to completely unwatchable in final few moments. Figures from the fbi reveal. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Go to first unread skip to page: Aljosa drazovic (1978) is a copywriter, screenwriter, blogger and poetry performer from belgrade, serbia. But when it starts turning dark, it turns really dark.

As soon as the movie came out, the main question on the viewers’ mind was “is hostel based on a true story?”. Find your group chat here >> start new discussion reply.

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